Health and Wellness PR

With a genuine interest in cutting-edge research and technology in the health and wellness arena, Global Media PR has represented a number of clients in the field.  Our clients have seen amazing results in print, web-based and broadcast media.  Their spokespeople have appeared as guests on major network shows and have been featured in prominent trade journals.  Some areas we have worked in include:


o         Acupuncture

o         Alternative and complementary medicine

o         Aromatherapy

o         Ayurvedic medicine

o         Chinese medicine

o         Detox programs

o         Health and fitness retreats

o         Health promotions

o         Holistic medicine

o         Homeopathy / homeopathic products

o         Hydrotherapy

o         Integrative medicine

o         Massage therapies

o         Medical doctors and authors

o         Naturopathic medicine

o         Nutrition / Nutritional consulting

o         Nutritional supplements

o         Pilates

o         Reflexology

o         Therapeutic yoga

o         Weight-loss centers and research




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